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Terms and conditions


It is possible to make your order by phone or in our offices in Sežana, Prečna Ulica 1. Our phone number +386 (0)59021457 is active from Tuesday to Friday 09.30 – 12.30. We wish to underline that a phone call might not be the safest way to communicate private data, so we suggest not to impart your credit card number by phone.
You can check the proceeding of your order online in real time, on your personal page where following phrases will appear:
• Order pending – till payment you have to take care of payment, as to set out the shipping.
• Shipped – your order has been consigned to the carrier which will deliver it on the address indicated by you
• Canceled – your order has been canceled, usually due to problems in filling the order
Please contact for any ulterior explanations customercare@robertoborghesi.com
We remind you taht after check-out you won't be able to modificate or delete your order. In case of errors, please report th problem to customercare@robertoborghesi.com within 24 hours from the moment of forwarding your order, as to ask its modification or canceling.
All prices in our catalog are tax-included if you buy antique or vintage lots. 22% VAT will be added on investment diamonds or new stuffs.
All prices of shipping and services are tax-included.
Modes of payment
Once filled your order, you can choose among these modes of payment:
Anticipated banking transfer: it usually takes 24 to 48 hours to transfer data from one bank to another. You will find in our site all necessary information regarding our bank account.
PayPal: You will find in our site all necessary information regarding forwarding and confirmation of payment.
In our shop: you can get the items you bought in our offices.

The English version of our return policy is to be taken as the original and only binding version; we can not be hold responsible for any mistakes in translations from the original text.
General terms and conditions form an integral part of each contract are always available to customers at our offices on Prečna Ulica 1. 6210 Sežana,Slovenia, as well as on our website.
If the customer pays the purchase price in place of a third party, the contracting authority must deliver a written statement from the person who has made the payment before the delivery. That statement states that the payment has been made on behalf of the client and there are no impediments to the delivery of paid subscriber.
Our company is not in any way obliged to accept contracts for the purchase or sale, but it still retains the right of discretion.
Our company takes strictly into account the legal provisions in the scope of protection of personal data.
In the event of a dispute, the customer and our company mutually undertake that they will seek to resolve disputes in a friendly manner, if not then all disputes will be resolved in the Court of Koper according to the Law of the Republic of Slovenia.
Exclusion of liability
Roberto Borghesi website is maintained to the highest possible level of care. However, company Roberto Borghesi d.o.o. does not guarantee the currency, accuracy or reliability of any information on the site. All information on website is subject to change without notice and are of informative purpose.

For all items sold directly to the customer from our online store we give people a 30 calendar days 'no questions asked' send-back possibility (counting from the next day of delivery). In this case, we will deduct €30 for the shipment and insurance costs we have had. Extra shipping and insurance costs the buyer has paid for other destinies then the EU or US won't be refunded. All our expenses, such as (but not limited to) the payment of VISA fees, UPS/FEDEX fees for shipment and insurance, auction listing fees, customs and import duties and fees, and also the cost of administration and adjustment, and re-adjustment, of the subject of the sale are charged at your expense.

  • in order to receive the refund, the buyer must return the item to us in the same manner it was received (packaged in Roberto Borghesi package, insured at the buyer's charge and sent by the same transporter express at the buyer's charge using the same export harmonized code as was used by Roberto Borghesi)
  • any customs or import duties and fees, whether assessed by any governmental authority or other person or entity, are not included in the total purchase price, and will therefore not be refunded.
  • these foregoing rights of rescission are only available to the original buyer and may not be assigned to, or relied upon, by any subsequent transferee of the property sold
  • return policy is not applicable on items bought per lay-away

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